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TA DAAA! [27 Jun 2007|09:49pm]
[ mood | creative ]

yup thats right folks, tommie has returned...

whats the update?

well lets start from the last time i left you guys....

well after my father died of course i took an awesome trip to Vegas to help me get better, and a couple months after that i started going to clubs again but this time with Mishelle and the new girl... Danielle.
they started going when i wasnt showing up to hollywood and they made friends without me [bitches, hehe]. Shortly after that i started to become a regular, funny thing is that all the boys ive ever starred at when i would go to these clubs are now friends of mine... one ofcourse i still want to totally do, hahaha.
well Me and Danielle would enjoy talking to everyone... but then that left Mishele behind for some reason... and that eventually resulted to her ditching us at clubs. It got worse later on and she started doing things that would dissapoint us.

more juicy stuff!Collapse )But sadly one horrible saturday morning i woke up to smoke and long story short... my house is now gone, luckily we still have the backhouse to live in for the meantime and we have excellent insurance.
more juicy stuff!Collapse )

miteru kara

OOOOOOH I LOVE PATTY! [24 Feb 2006|02:57pm]
[ mood | high ]

Hello there all you lovely kiddies in internet land!

Patty here... commandeering mr. Tommie's Livejournal. Today is my birthday and I can do whatever I want. So anyhoo, I'm in California and we are waiting for Crippled Jenny to get out of the shower. So I told Tommy I was gonna update in his LJ.
We totally had sex while I was driving. Not road head but fully nude doggystyle leaned over the steering wheel. I worked the pedals while tommy worked my jawbone.

Anyhoo, Hello to all of the people on Tommy's friends list! We are about to go over to Camilles house so i gotta go.



FUCK IT UP! 1 miteru kara

awww... vegas<3 [01 Feb 2006|08:32pm]

Cute huh?Collapse )
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[01 Jan 2006|12:07am]
my mom is crying....

dad you left too soon.
too young.
too sudden.

you left soo many people behind.

ill forever miss you.

even though i have moved on... i will never forget.

so far i am haunted everynight... i remember the day you left us, i remember everything that lead on to that night.. every detail...

i miss you dad
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[11 Sep 2005|10:08pm]
miteru kara

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